Music Is The Weapon Limited Edition Vinyl LP + Hardcover Graphic Novel


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The origin of Major Lazer!

In an alternate timeline 1984, Jamaica’s crown jewel is Nu Kingston—a retro futuristic metropolis where gang lords control hordes of zombie-like addicts with a drug called Slime. The worst among them is BadMan Jones, who is prophesied to wipe out humanity for mysterious extraterrestrials. As Slime spreads to every corner of the island, Major Lazer can no longer maintain neutrality and must rely on new weapons and old comrades to prevent total apocalypse.

The Deluxe Edition of the graphic novel includes:

  • Hardcover Graphic Novel (Exclusive cover artwork TBA at a later date)
  • Exclusive Vinyl Picture Disc LP of the forthcoming Major Lazer album 'Music Is The Weapon’ (featuring limited edition vinyl sleeve)
  • 3 never before seen 'Year Negative One' inspired Art Prints
  • Limited edition hardcover slipcase for graphic novel

Written by Ferry Gouw with Alex di Campi, Illustrated by Ferry Gouw

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